RT @briankrebs: Extortionists wipe tens of thousands of MongoDB databases, demand ransom. Victims who pay are getting stiffed t.co

RT @netik: There is no Internet of Things. There are only many unpatched, vulnerable small computers on the Internet.

RT @xvrmdf: I shit you not. Due to a lack of trade negotiators, Brexit Britain will need to hire immigrants for the job. #Ironic t.

RT @bramcohen: My new invention: An Ethereum smart contract where whoever puts in the most money gets to keep everybody else’s money.

RT @iansteadman: Philip K Dick’s “Ubik” (1969) manages to explain in half a page why the Internet of Things will suck under capitalism http…

RT @rklau: Old Silicon Valley proverb: May you live long enough for all your backed Kickstarter projects to ship